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Diploma CADD
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Diploma CADD

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Diploma CADD

Prerequisite = 10th/12th/Undergraduates/B.Tech/Diploma

Be career-ready with our AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist Diploma Program.

About AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist Diploma

This program trains students in 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawing and management tools commonly used in engineering, architectural design, drafting and modeling. Drawing skills for employment in the engineering and construction industries will be emphasized.

AutoCAD Fundamentals

This course provides student with the fundamental skills of computer aided design and drafting using AutoCAD. Students learn the most up-to-date AutoCAD techniques that are being used in engineering and building-design professions. Utilizing high-end computer tools, students learn how to create drawings in 2-dimensional environments and basic 3-dimensional models.

AutoCAD for Interior Design

This course provides students with the skills to create interior design drawings for commercial and hospitality projects. Students will use AutoCAD to create conceptual and detailed design drawings. Major topics include wall partition design, ceiling and lighting design, interior furniture selection, interior finishes, space planning and overall design presentation. Students will design building interior features in accordance with the building code and city bylaw standards.

Civil 3D

The course provides students with the skills to use Autodesk Civil 3D computer software for civil engineering, land development and infrastructure design. Students learn how to create civil plans, profiles, and cross sections as well as 3-dimensional corridor models. Major topics include survey data imports, creation of land surfaces, land parcels, roadway alignments, vertical curve profiles, underground piping layout, and infrastructure assemblies. Students also learn Civil 3D drafting procedures, dynamic model updating techniques and the computation of earth work as well as pavement material quantities.

Engineering Graphics

This course provides students an overview of mechanical engineering graphics and drawing conventions. Computer Aided Design and drafting programs such as AutoCAD will be used in solving graphical problems. Orthographic, isometric, sections and standard dimensioning techniques are covered in this course as well.

Constructions Estimating

This course provides students with the knowledge necessary to estimate and control construction material quantities and cost for building structures and basic civil engineering infrastructures. Topics include residential, commercial and civil infrastructure estimating methods, quantity takeoff techniques, and cost calculation procedures of construction components. An overview of the contract terms and relationships between the contractual parties will also be discussed in this course.



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