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Staad Pro Course, Class, Training, Institute in Patna. Gencor provides staad pro training for civil branch engineering or diploma students.

Staad pro

Structural Analysis and Design

Gencor provides staad pro training for civil branch engineering or diploma students. This training is for 40 Hours or One Month. Staad pro is software meant for structural design and analysis. before doing this course candidate must posses knowledge of any cad software like autocad, because you need to analyse of design using staad pro software which already has been design in other cad software. Although you cad design and simulate directly in staad pro.

STAAD.Pro V8i Course Information

STAAD stands for Structural Analysis And Design. STAAD.Pro software is widely used in analyzing and designing structures – buildings, bridges, towers, transportation, industrial and utility structures. Designs can involve building structures including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles; and building materials like steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel.


  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment values for various supports and load types


  • STAAD.Pro V8i
  • STAAD Editor
  • Co-ordinate Systems o Global Vs Local
  •  Creating a New Project in STAAD.Pro
  • Model Generation
  • Creating Nodes & Members
  • Select Menu


Model Editing Tools

  1. Translation Repeat
  2. Circular Repeat
  3.  Move
  4.  Mirror
  5.  Rotate

Insert Node

  1. For a Single Member
  2. For Multiple Members

Add Beam

  1. Point to Point
  2. Between Midpoints
  3. Perpendicular Intersection
  4. Curved Member


  • Model Editing Tools
  •  Connect Beams Along
  •  Stretch Selected Members
  • Intersect Selected Members
  • Merge Selected Members
  • Renumber
  •  Split Beam
  • Break Beams at Selected Nodes
  •  Creating Models by using Structure Wizard
  • Mini Project 1


  • Support Specification
  • Member Property Specification
  • Member Offset
  • Material Specification
  •  Group Specification
  • Loading
  1. Creating a Primary Load
  2. Adding Self-weight



  • Nodal Load
  •  Member Load
  1. Uniform Force and Moment
  2. Concentrated Force and Moment
  3. Linear Varying Load
  4. Trapezoidal Load
  5. Hydrostatic Load
  6. Pre/Post Stress o Area Load o Floor Load
  • Mini Project 2



  1. Wind Load
  2. Creating Load Combination
  3. Automatic Load Combination
  4. Edit Auto Load Rules
  5. Moving Load
  6. Reference Load
  7. Repeat Load
  • Mini Project 3


Introduction to Analysis

  •  Perform Analysis
  1. Overview of Output Page
  2. Pre-analysis Print
  3. Post-analysis Print
  •  Inactive or Delete Specification
  •  General Guidelines for Design

Concrete Design in STAAD.Pro

  1. Column Design
  2. Beam Design


RC Designer

  1. Beam Design
  2. Column Design
  •  Project 4



  1. Introduction
  2. Terminologies
  3. Standards for Earthquake Design
  4. General Principals for Earthquake Design
  5. Finding the Lateral Force (manual calculation)
  6. Finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro
  7. Dynamic Analysis
  8. Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Mini Project 5


  • Cylindrical and Cylindrical Reverse Co-ordinate Systems
  • Introduction to FEM FEM Modelling in STAAD.Pro
  • Snap Plate
  •  Add Plate
  • Create Infill Plates
  • Generate Surface Meshing o Generate Plate Mesh o Parametric Modelling
  • Member Truss Creating FEM models by using Structure Wizard

Adding Plate Thickness Plate Load

  1. Pressure on Full Plate
  2. Concentrated Load
  3. Partial Plate Pressure Load
  4. Trapezoidal Load
  5. Hydrostatic Load
  6. Element Joint Load

Water Tank Design Slab Design

  1. One-way Slab
  2. Two-way Slab
  • Mini Project 6

Staircase Design

  1. Shear wall Modelling and Design
  2. Solid Modelling and Analysis
  • Mini Project 7

Cable Member Specification

  • Tension / Compression Specification Table Member Property Steel Design in STAAD.Pro
  • Interactive Steel Design Design of Overhead Transmission Line Towers Pushover Analysis
  • Foundation Design
  • Isolated Footing
  • Combined / Strip Footing
  • Tool Kit and Isolated Footing and Combined Footing
  • Foundation Design
  • Mat Foundation
  • Pile Cap Design
  • Importing CAD Models Report Setup Plotting from STAAD.Pro
  • Final Project


staadpro training institute, civil structural analysis course

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I am happy to be here in Gencor which provided me with technical professional and skillful aspects of auto cad, thank you.

Kush Prakash - West Bengal University of Technology

I completed CCNA traning and certification preparation before appearing for ccna global examination 200-120 from gencor.

Amit Kumar - Lovely Professional University

The trainer has good knowledge of the subject.

Saurabh Kumar Suman - Shaheed Bhagat Singh State Technical Campus, Ferozepur

This institute is the best institute in web designing. Trainer sir is good in knowledge and best trained and  provided web designing knowledge to me.

Abhishek Kumar - Guru Gobind Singh Polytechnic College, Talwandi Sabo, (Bhathinda) Punjab

The trainer is good, so I think everything is good. 

Rabindra Kumar Yadav - Samalkha Group of Institutions

The Gencor classes is good for getting the knowledge. The trainer has good communication with students. I completed CAD training in Mechanical from here.

Akash Kumar - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

I gained a lot here in the Gencor and I believe that it will help to enhance my knowledge and personalty further in my life.

Prem Kumar - BIT Sindri

Institute Completed my training as per  Syllabus provided on time. 

Akshay Kumar - The Institution of Civil Engineers, Delhi

Gencor institute is the best institute which completed my course on Civil CAD on time.

Amit Kumar - Reg No - 001/15348 - Civil CAD

The overall system of teaching is favorable and good as I expected and helped a lot in increasing my knowledge.

Sunny Kumar

I appreciate the course by the institute and efforts put in to complete it within the prescribed time limits.

Mohammad Asad Eqbal

The trainer has good knowledge of autocad, so I am happy to complete the training of AutoCAD from here.

Hemant Raj - Reg No.: 001/15307 - Civil CAD

The Trainer is nice one. He teaches well. The institute is good. I have faith on the Institute.

Vikash Kr Mandal - Reg No.: 001/15308 - Mechanical CAD

The institute is very good one and object oriented, focused on setting  up career for engineering students. The trainer is having enough knowledge to guide students.Teaching method is very much appreciated and interactive.

Indranil Mazumdar - Reg No.: 001/15312 - Civil CAD

All class I did here was very good. Faculty provide every detail about syllabus & Course. I am thankful of you.

Sumank Saurav - Reg No.: 001/15321 - Mechanical CAD

Trainer is the best guide for autocad and institute is also best for autocad

Vikash Kumar Sharma - Reg No.: 001/15322 - Mechanical CAD

This is professional institute , It has given the full knowledge of the subject, It is best best providing knowledge.

Dinu Kumar - Reg No.: 001/15328 - AutoCAD ME

This institute given me knowledge about Autocad and I appreciate that . I must recommend other to learn CAD from here.  

Abhishek Kr Singh (Reg No . 001/15332)

I am Gracy Pradhan , completed my  Linux training on RHCE from GenCor. Training is fully practical based and full syllabus coverage prescribed RED Hat Inc. . This training is surely going to provide me help in placement by college.

Gracy Pradhan - Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation University

I completed my Autocad Civil Training with Project and certification from GenCor InfoEdge – India, Trainer is The best in providing training .

Sonu Kumar

Best Training for telecommunication on Cisco CCNA. I got placed in 3i infotech Patna.

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