Embedded System

Embedded System
Embedded System Training

Embedded System

Embedded System


Embedded System Training Information

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts.

GenCor Patna Center is  providing embedded system training with projects as a part of Industrial training.

Eligibility:B. Tech/M. tech/B. Sc Electronics/ITI Electronics

Course Duration: 60 Hrs./6 Weeks/1.5 Months



  • Fundamental Knowledge of Electronics / Electrical System.
  • Embedded System Introduction, Micro-Controller Introduction & History,
  • Introduction of 8051 Family of Micro-Controller, 8051 Architecture, Assembly language programming
  • Description of Components, uses & Differences.
  • Bread-Boarding: Placement & Routing.
  • Fundamental Knowledge of Mechanical, Workshop Knowledge and Attitude,
  • Control System Design, Manual Operation, Degree of Freedom, Chassis Designing.
  • Power Unit Design, Power Optimization
  • Types of System & System Hierarchy.
  • 8051 Micro-controller Family, Internal Architecture of RAM, 8051 Programming Architecture
  • Comparison of 8051 with AVR,PIC
  • PIN Description of 8051/8031, Input/output Pin Architecture of 8051,
  • Embedded C Programming, Program Burning in Micro-controller
  • Differential Drive System, Actuator Design,
  • Control Unit Architecture, Control Logic Design, Circuit Designing & Integrated Circuits
  • Sensors: Circuits, Types & Uses, Motor Driving Circuit, Power Unit Design,
  • Robotics, Robot and Applications of Robotics.
  • Different Modules of Robotic System, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Programming Simulation & Debugging
  • Control Unit Architecture & Design
  • Analysis of EMI & EMC.
  • Circuit Design Issues, Soldering & De-soldering
  • Different Segments Connectivity and Display.
  • ISM Band.
  • RF Signal.
  • Master-Slave Communication.
  • DTMF Logic Study.
  • Basics of AVR and Interfacing
  • Basic of PIC and Interfacing
  • Test & Competition among participants, Result & Revision, Conclusion & Videos.
  • PCB Design


Embedded Project Work/Interfacing with Micro controller

  • Battery Charger.
  • Wired Controlled Robot.
  • Wireless Controlled Robot.
  • Line Follower Robot.
  • Collision Avoidance Robot.
  • Mobile Phone Operated Robot.
  • Boundary Constrained Robot.
  • Fire Sensors.
  • Automatic Plant Irrigator.
  • Water Label Indicator
  • Darkness Control Light System/Street Light.
  • LED Interfacing,
  • LED Pattern, Decorating light
  • 7-Segment Display Interface.
  • Multiplexed 7 – Segment Display.
  • Alphanumeric Segment display
  • Gateway Counter
  • Bi-directional Visitor Counter
  • Home Automation Using Mobile Phone.
  • 8-Bit LCD Interfacing.
  • Special Character/Symbol on LCD
  • Dynamic Moving LCD Display.
  • LED Dot Matrix Interfacing
  • Linear & Matrix Keypad Interfacing.
  • Password Protected Entry System.
  • ADC Interfacing
  • Multi-Channel ADC Interfacing
  • Projects related to ADC
  • Serial Communication.
  • Computer controlled Appliance
  • Computer controlled Robot
  • Remote controlled Appliance
  • RFID Base Authentication System.
  • RFID Based Project
  • RTC Interfacing
  • I2C Communication.

And many more……………