Mechanical 3D CAD Catia

Mechanical 3D CAD Catia
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Mechanical 3D CAD Catia

Mechanical 3d CAD Software Training on Product Design

Mechanical 3D CAD using catia is designed to cater needs of mechanical engineering professionals. It is engineering designing  skill on machine design using 3D CAD software.


Eligibility: B. Tech/M. tech/Any Graduate/ITI Mechanical

Course Duration:4 Weeks/6 weeks/1.5 Months

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Session 1

  • Introduction
  • Modules with brief explanation
  • Applications, Advantages

Session 2

  • Introduction to Sketcher
  • Toolbars, customization
  • Sketcher Tool (Profile) with types of construction methods
  • Creating dimensions and Visualizations
  • Graphic properties

Session 3

  • Sketcher tool bar
  • Selection methods
  • Operator Tool bar
  • Modification by interactive method

Session 4

  • Constraint (Geo-Metric, Dim)
  • Auto dimension
  • Animate Dimension
  • Sketch Analysis
  • Relation by using formula and applications
  • Examples

Session 5

  • Practice


Session 6

  • Intro to part work bench
  • Concepts, solid creation methods
  • Mouse function with key board and with out key board
  • About planes, views, CSYS, Compass system
  • Visualization of solids

 Session 7

  • Creating a first feature(Sketch based features)
  • Feature creation with constraints and with out constraints
  • Pad def. (Sold, Thick) with Normal to profile and Ref. control
  • Profile selection (complex and sketcher)

 Session 8

  • Orientation
  • Drafted fillet pad
  • Multi pad (with Ref control)
  • Examples

 Session 9

  • Pocket def
  • Drafted fillet pocket
  • Multi pocket (with ref control)
  • Examples

 Session 10

  • Shaft
  • Groove
  • Examples

Session 11

  • Hole (Types, Specification, Thread)
  • Rib (2D-center curve, 3D-center curve)
  • Slot
  • Examples

 Session 12

  • Stiffener (from side & from top)
  • Solid combine (with Ref. control)
  • Loft (blend between sketches by parallel & Rotational)
  • Examples

 Session 13

  • Loft (boundaries, spine, coupling, re-limitation)
  • Remove loft
  • Examples

 Session 14

  • Edge fillet (propagation, transitions)
  • Variable fillet (more than two points)
  • Face to face
  • Tri tangent fillet
  • Examples

Session 15

  • Chamfer
  • Draft (propagation)
  • Variable(draft, parting elements)
  • Draft reflect line
  • Examples

Session 16

  • Shell (variable thickness)
  • Thickness
  • Cosmetic thread
  • Remove faces
  • Replace face

Session 17

  • Reference elements (planes)
  • Dimension creation in part
  • Ref Elements (Points)

Session 18

  • Ref elements (axis)
  • Transformation features
  • Mirror
  • Scaling
  • Examples

Session 19

  • Rect. pattern (keep specification)
  • Circular pattern
  • User pattern
  • Examples

Session 20

  • Practice


Session 21

  • Introduction
  • Top down and bottom up assembly
  • Uses and conditions
  • About tool bars

 Session 22

  • About product
  • Assembly constraints with degree of freedom
  • Move (manipulation)

Session 23

  • Reuse pattern
  • Change constraint
  • Replace component
  • Multi-instantiation
  • Fast Multi-instantiation
  • Assembly example and bill of material


Session 24

  • Introduction, types of Drafting
  • Template, sheet size
  • Back ground, working views
  • Placing first view
  • Views (projection, section, detail, clipping, broken view)

Session 25

  • Drawing sheets
  • Generating dimensions
  • Annotations
  • Dress up
  • BOM & Balloons

Session 26

  • Interactive Drafting
  • Modifications

Session 27


Design of double bearing assembly.
Design of butterfly valve assembly.
Design of pedestal bearing assembly.
Design of cross head assembly.
Design of radial engine assembly.
Design of pipe vice assembly.
Design of drill press vice assembly.
Design of bevel gear.
Design of shock assembly.
Design of tumble jig.
Design And Assemble Radial Engine
Design And Assemble Shock Absorber
Design And Assemble Pulley Supported
Design And Assemble Double Bearing
Design And Assemble Quick Acting Hold Down
Design And Assemble Shaper Tool Head
Design And Assemble Plummer Block
Design And Assemble Pipe Bench Vice
Design And Assemble Cross Head
Design And Assemble Bench Vice
Design And Assemble Press Tool
Design And Assemble Fixture Assembly
Design And Assemble Knuckle Joint
Design And Assemble Cotter Joint
Design And Assemble Universal Joint
Design And Assemble Oldham’s Coupling
Design And Assemble Centrifugal Clutch
Design And Assemble Spring Damper
Design And Assemble Hartwell Governor
Design And Assemble Differential Gear Box
Design And Assemble Whitworth Quick Return Mechanism

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