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Android App Development Training aims to teach beginners and employees. Android App Development is the fastest growing smart phone OS in the world today.

Course Information

This course is designed for students with basic computing skills who are new to programming, have little/no programming experience and want to learn how to build Android apps. This course will help you build apps. In this course, you’ll work with our trainers to build an Android app, and learn Android development.


The module enables learners to successfully apply core Java programming languages features & software patterns needed to develop maintainable mobile apps comprised of core Android components.


Learners will be able to create interesting Android apps by applying knowledge and skills including Java programming features, Android Studio tools, Android Activity components, Material Design, file I/O and data persistence, unit testing, and software patterns.

Android Course Syllabus

Module 1

Core Java


Module 2

Android Development —

Introduction to Android

Android Development Environment Setup

Making an Android Application

Android Widgets

Web View

Activity and Intents

Android Fragments

Android Menu

Android Services

Android User Interface

UI Layouts

Styles & Themes

Drag & Drop

JSON Parser

Shared Preferences

Android Alarm Manager

Android SQLite

SQLite Spinner


Android Multimedia

Text to Speech


Telephony Manager

Get Call State

Get Call State 2

Simple Caller Talker

Phone Call

Send SMS

Send Email


Bluetooth Tutorial

Camera Tutorial

Sensor Tutorial

Android Animation

Android Web Service

Google Map

Final project

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